decorative walls panels on request

In our product catalog you can find a lot of interesting things. But if you are unable to do that, no worries! We will create fences, wooden ornaments and decorative wall panels according to your sketches.

Decorative panels for walls

Decorative panels for walls – a great tool for decoration and zoning premises. They can easily be combined with existing wallpaper, they are easy to assemble . Now you can choose not only the panels from our extensive catalog, but also create your own unique design. Have a unique design idea for a child’s room, but can not find a suitable decoration for the walls? Send to us your design idea and we will help you choose the right material, and tell you about all the details!


Today, the fence rarely plays a protective function, but rather is an ornament of the site. If all of the ready made options is not  for you , we would be more than happy to help to you to create a right one. You may want to have fence with nature motifs, which will be in harmony with your garden or strict geometrical patterns, which definitely your neighbors wount have? Send to us your sketches or drawings, and we will make for you a beautiful fence by request!


It becomes harder to find really original and extraordinary decoration for the room or the kitchen? Make them yourself! We will make for you ornaments from wood of varying difficulty: letters, plaques, supports for mugs and more. If you have ideas, implement them using Gravtex!

For more information about materials, manufacturing processes and the costs make them real by contacting with our operator.