CNC Milling, 3D Milling, 3D artistic wood processing and 2D laser cutting provides the opportunity to produce a wide range of size and shape of the details of any material – simple and complex facades and cut out a variety of symbols, initials.

We perform CNC woodworking milling and engraving works. Maximum workpiece area 2000 x 3000 mm.

Processed materials;

  • Wood and wood-based panels (plywood, MDS / HDF, chipboard);
  • Plastic sheets (PVX / PVC, polycarbonate, laminated cloth).

According to individual order, we will produce:

  • Wooden stairs;
  • wooden interior doors;
  • balcony decorative panels;
  • loggia decorative panels;
  • decorative panels for interior and exterior;
  • radiator grill;
  • suspended ceiling decorative elements;
  • environmental objects;
  • garden fences;
  • pergolas and awnings;
  • garden furniture;
  • pet houses;
  • rural toilet.

Using 3D artistic wood processing we will manufacture:

  • wood carvings;
  • artistic furniture;
  • furniture facades;
  • certain carved decorative elements for furniture;
  • decoartive window frames;
  •  signs boards for houses and direction signs;
  • wooden frames;
  • souvenirs;
  • advertising elements.

It is recommended to prepare drawings in vector formats (DXF, PDF, CDR , etc.), We can also create the appropriate format drawings, in case if you do not have such a possibility.

We constantly learn the latest knowledge so that with excelent attainment we can manage the processing of technologies as well to use the latest woodworking techniques.