About us

parmumsGravtex – a privately held company, founded in 2012. Our idea is based on high quality and reasonable prices. We are entering the market with modern, practical and diverse fences and panels. We offer a wide range of products – from simplest to the most interesting, even ornamental fences, as well – beaultiful and unique wall panels. We produce wooden shields and cutomize them according to each client’s wishes. We perform each order with high sense of reponsibility. Our focus is to provide design solutions with an emphasis on environment, economy and flexibility.
Professional attitude, work and knowledge is the key!


  1. To provide our customers with a high level of craftsmanship fence manufacture;
  2. To create customer confidence that the work will be done according to the requirements;
  3. To give an opportunity to build long-term relationships with the product buyers, partners;
  4. Continuously improve the company’s values, knowledge;
  5. Provide employees with appropriate working conditions, stability and opportunities of professional growth.


  1. Satisfied and faithful customers, partners
  2. Well organized internal processes,
  3. Being the best in offering you good quality and valuable products,
  4. Design holds great importance to the life of every person. Outward focused, orderly environment improves and builds each individual’s self-esteem,
  5. Our goal is to go our own way and with every new step to see the next target.


  1. To become a fence and wall panel manufacturer and supplier in the world, also to present oneself as an expert in the international market.