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We do offer a wide range of wall panels, fence panels and fences.

We produce and offer:
  - Modern and practical wooden fence panels, which can be tailored to each customer's preference.
  - Unique wooden decorative wall panels, facade finish panels of plywood, which is the perfect solution for your home, company, garden, interior design.

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About us


- Create customers confidence that the work will be done in accordance with the requirements. - Make it possible to build long – term relationships with product buyers, partners. - Continuously improve company’s values, knowledge.


- Comfortable and reliable customers, partners.
- Well organized internal processes.
- To be the best in offering a qualitative and valuable products.
- Design holds great importance to the life of every person. Orderly environment improves and builds each individuals self – esteem.
- Our target is to go our own way and with every new step to see the new target


- Become a fence and wall panel design manufacturer and supplier in the world, as well to present ourselves as an experts in the international market.

If you wondered email us and we will always respond within 24 hours.